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Reggie Charles is a freelance reporter who pursues stories of the paranormal and of the unusual, although often the stories seem to pursue her. With the help of her confidant Sybil, lending her intuitive sense of the unworldly, she ventures to where the metaphysical and ordinary world collide, she tries to unravel the truth. 

Reggie and Sybil cross paths with Nine-year-old Boone Conway who’s haunted by nightmares so frightening, that they leave him mute. His Father, Andrew, desperate to help his son, accepts Reggie’s offer of help, but discovers he must confront a devastating loss from his own past, if he is to prevent the terror, that has crossed from Boone’s nightmares into the waking world, from consuming his entire family.
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A man’s past catches up with him and life unravels. We see him in what may possibly be the last moments of his life. His wife and daughter do not know of his dark past or his true identity.

Jonathan Cregar is a happy man, with an average IQ, average job, making an average wage, living an ordinary life and he is very happy to be doing so. He has a wife and a child, who are also happy with the life they’ve made. Why wouldn’t they be happy, they only know the life they have. Jon would have gone living the life he had, if not for the horrendous accident which leaves him with severe brain damage. His family, desperate, accepts an experimental treatment with the hopes of getting their Jonathan back. At first all goes well, but soon it’s discovered that the Jonathan who has returned is becoming much more than he ever was, and soon, much than any human should be. 

A woman is presumed dead when her name is among those who die in a plane crash, but just as in any undiscovered crime, only the victim and the perpetrator know the truth.

Mary Jane, was a victim of identity theft, with her life spinning out of control; bank accounts closed, credit ruined, eviction pending, she finds herself softening her sorrows in a bar, when she her name is among the dead in a plane crash. Mary Jane’s has a revelation about her life, it sucked. She realized, she had picked the wrong career, the wrong man and now she was declared dead. She had known it was time for a change, but she had no idea how she would do it and then fate offered her a do over. Mary Jane was dead, so, she decided to assume the identity of the grifter who stole her identity, little did she know how tragic that choice would be.
The Ascent of Jonathan Cregar

One Past Midnight File
A series of Short Stories
Mary Jane Lives - NOVEL - TBA

DOROTHY P - A Short Story in a Series

They say bad things happen in three’s. When it’s the fourth or fifth bad thing, is it just bad luck or something more?

Dave Amato thought he was just having bad luck. Dave also thought he was in charge of his own life. He was wrong on both counts.

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Out of the Dark - A Short Story in a Series

Rick J Nelson thinks his life is in a rut and it’s all because of a sleeping disorder. He’s can't seem to fall asleep. He’s always exhausted. Rick’s problem isn't that he can't sleep, it’s that he can't wake up.

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You're Invited - A Short Story in a Series

Vacations are supposed to transport you away from your humdrum life to new and exciting places. Thomas and Ruth Wendt are about to embark on a vacation that not only transports them away from their humdrum life, to an exciting new place, but it takes them on a journey to one past midnight, where only one of them will return.

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