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Expected release of 2020

When Jason Adler discovers he's been part
of a government experiment that has gone
horribly wrong, he is forced to choose
between saving the woman he has fallen in
love with, or his own life, and that of many

While in search of the truth, Jason is
confronted by the possibility, that what he
thought was his life, appears to be nothing
more than a pack of lies. He is forced to
question everything he held to be true,
even his identity is in question, when a
man who looks and sounds identical to
him, tells him he is one of many, who are
no more than the output of a machine,
printing humans to be used as warriors.
Connor’s Way
Expected release of 2021

A couple out on a hike in the woods has
their bonds tested to the limit, when a
mysterious woman enters their lives and
threatens everything they hold deep; life,
love, family and future. Ambrosia’s power
over men goes beyond passion and borders
on possession. It seems to Loran there is
almost nothing she can do to stop
Derrick’s hunger for Ambrosia’s additive
Expected release of 2022

For generations they have been entrusted
with concealing a secret. A secret from a
time before this time. A secret that ended
time and if it’s discovered by those whose
passion is only power; time will end again.
Melinda’s Grandmother kept the secret
until her daughter came of age, when her
true lineage could no longer be hidden,
not from her or the others. A pact
between mother and daughter was made
to insure Melinda’s safety, but when evil
reaches out across the universes and takes
Melinda’s Mother’s life, Melinda must
confront the truth. Her whole life is a lie.
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